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Welcome to Celebration of Life Community, Inc!

*** Please support our Fall 2014 Fundraising Campaign on Indiegogo ***


Are you interested in helping a young person get ahead in life?

When a child learns to read at an early age, they have a greater chance of succeeding in school, graduating and holding a job.

Being able to read also helps children become more self confident and reduces behavioral issues.

You can make a big difference by becoming a reading tutor for just two hours a week

Come to a "Help Me Read" orientation on either September 10th at 10:00 AM at or September 25th at 2:00 PM at the Celebration of Life Community, 506 Jay Street, Rochester, NY.

To register, either call Dr. Singleton at (585) 235-2652 or online on the Contact COLC the comment box, please enter "Help Me Read volunteer."


You are invited to our monthly Celebration of Life Community Breakfast Meetings the 2nd Tuesday of every month. They are for the express purpose of linking.

If you'd like to be our special guest speaker, please click here.

This is a full breakfast, not a bagel and cheese! This meeting provides a continuing forum for building linkages throughout our community with a wide cross-section of individuals and entities for the purpose of city and regional transformation. I do not believe Rochester has to be the homicide capital of New York, per capita. Further, I submit it will not change by accident. It will only change on purpose. Therefore, we have to set ourselves to link and work collaboratively with others to transform our neighborhoods, city, and region. Please RSVP if you will be attending the upcoming Celebration of Life breakfast meeting so that we will be able to accommodate everyone appropriately.

:: Please support our Fall 2014 Fundraising Campaign on Indiegogo ::

:: Now Accepting Donations Through PayPal ::

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